Eagles of Gospel Rock

Written by  Thursday, 02 August 2012 18:47

Sadly, our Gospel Rock male eagle never returned from the salmon hunt two winters  past and although mom eagle returned, she has not restored their nest. It is  documented that this pair raised their young (usually two per year) here on Gospel  Rock for more than 30 years.

They were film stars back in the late 80s when a blind was built high in the forest and footage of them raising two eaglets was shown on  the David Suzuki Show. It is estimated they successfully Hledged at least 50 eagles  over their long and loyal breeding history.

It seemed in 2011 the last pair of breeding eagles in Gibsons were gone.This spring a new breeding pair might well be taking up residence. One or both are  seen using Hir trees on the waterfront lands nearest Franklin Road to Hish from and  eat in. Let’s hope they choose to build a nest or rebuild the old nest and stay  permanently.

Got any photos of them? The trees they use are essential to their way  of life, and GR development needs to retain those habitat trees, so we need to photo- document exactly which trees they use. You can help. Contact us, and we will get the trees marked on a map, and submit it to the Town.


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