What is Gospel Rock? Photo by Alan Sirulnikoff

What is Gospel Rock?

Written by  Wednesday, 08 August 2012 02:00

Gospel Rock is a 46.7 acre property named for the enormous rock on the ocean point. It has been beautifully captured on canvas by the famous Canadian artist EJ Hughes in 1935 and again in1955.

This spectacular property is a popular and accessible area of semi-wild habitat on the western edge of the town of Gibsons.

An easy 15 minute forest walk ascends a gentle slope to a mossy plateau which commands a stunning 360 degree view of the surrounding islands to the south and west, extending to Vancouver Island. To the East across Howe Sound is a magnificent view of the Coastal Mountain Range. To the north are the slopes of Mt. Elphinstone.  People are in awe of the coastal view and the sense of magic they enjoy being surrounded by nature and the arbutus grove which graces the crown.

The land is classified as a rare dry hemlock and arbutus habitat and provides habitat for nesting eagles, deer, bear, raccoons, lizards, and diverse avifauna.

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