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About FOGRS (1)

About the Friends of Gospel Rock

Written by Thursday, 02 August 2012 20:43

FOGRS is a not-for-proHit society under the Societies Act BC. We do not maintain broad general membership, but our executive meetings are open, and supporters are  most welcome to come. We, and the Rock, need all the support we can get.

Our mission statement

The purposes of the society are:
(a)  To develop, promote and implement activities which will work to preserve, conserve and enhance
the ecology, public access and sustainable development of the area known as Gospel Rock.
(b)  To develop educational programs that will raise public awareness, understanding and appreciation
of the ecological value of Gospel Rock.
(c)   To work with a broad range of stakeholders to develop innovative preservation and conservation solutions using principles of Smart Growth, natural capital and green building technologies.

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