Friends of Gospel Rock Society

26 Oct

The Friends of Gospel Rock Society wish to thank Mayor Wayne Rowe and  Councillors for voting on October 16th to preserve the waterfront portion  of the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan.

This most exceptional and environmentally sensitive land has been a precious  resource in our community and enjoyed by generations of Sunshine Coast residents.  By preserving the waterfront in its present state, the Mayor and Council are to  be applauded by voters for being our first Council to finally and formally recognize  and protect the beauty and uniqueness of the Gospel Rock waterfront.

We look forward to working with the Town of Gibsons to help in whatever  way we can to further the vision of preserving Gospel Rock for all people  for all time.

Patricia Braithwaite

17 Oct

You wrote. You showed up. You spoke up. They listened! Last night, Tuesday October 16th, at the regular meeting of Gibsons Town Council, Mayor Rowe and all four councillors unanimously agreed to move Option B, an amendment to the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan which will disallow waterfront development (delete cluster housing on the waterfront from the plan and maintain the designation of "green space").

15 Oct

It is our understanding that Council will vote on the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan Bylaw 985-8 amendment to the Gibsons Official Community Plan at the regular meeting of council this Tuesday October 16th at 7 pm.    We would like to encourage everyone to attend this meeting.  See you on Tuesday!

14 Oct
For those of you who couldn't make the public hearing Thursday October 11, Cable 11, which broadcast it live, is rebroadcasting the Public Hearing at 4:30pm Monday October 15, and Tuesday October 16, at 8:30pm.
See for yourself what was said -- the eloquence, the reasoned arguments, the passion! Will Council listen?
17 Jul

Gibsons council defeated a motion by Councillor Dan Bouman to include protection of the waterfront in the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan Draft 4.2 at their meeting on July 17, 2012. 

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