17 Jul

Gibsons council refuses to protect Gospel Rock waterfront

Gibsons council defeated a motion by Councillor Dan Bouman to include protection of the waterfront in the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan Draft 4.2 at their meeting on July 17, 2012. 

The motion by Councillor Bouman reflects feedback from the previous public meetings regarding the Gospel Rock plan, and from the public input process regarding Gospel Rock over the last 15 years.  The waterfront area is the universally beloved section of Gospel Rock and has various sensitive habitat and flora elements.

The current draft plan designates sections of the waterfront area for single-family development.

The Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Dreft Plan 4.2 has been on the council agenda over the last few meetings as council prepares to send this version to a final public hearing as part of the planning consultation process.

MOVED by Councillor Bouman
SECONDED by Councillor Johnson

THAT the Town of Gibsons designates the waterfront portion south of Gower Point road as ‘Green Space’, with the exception of the area currently designated ‘Park’ in the draft Bylaw. This change would remain consistent with the direction currently advanced in the 2005 Smart Plan, alleviating stated concerns that waterfront development is not desirable in this area.

OPPOSED: Councillor Tretick, Councillor SanJenko and Mayor Rowe


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