17 Oct

The waterfront will be protected!

You wrote. You showed up. You spoke up. They listened! Last night, Tuesday October 16th, at the regular meeting of Gibsons Town Council, Mayor Rowe and all four councillors unanimously agreed to move Option B, an amendment to the Gospel Rock Neighbourhood Plan which will disallow waterfront development (delete cluster housing on the waterfront from the plan and maintain the designation of "green space").

Council also voted to include a requirement to re-examine the plan in five years with a focus on density, aquifer impacts, traffic issues, and the cost of maintaining infrastructure. There will be another public hearing and an amended plan.

The waterfront will be protected. This wouldn't have happened without you. Truly. We thank you, but especially Gospel Rock thanks you!

Please stay tuned. In the days to come FOGRS will be reaching out to the community to help us organize and raise money to buy land up top and protect more of this area for the community in perpetuity.

In Rock Solidarity, the Friends of Gospel Rock

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